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Thank you for stopping by! We are currently in the process of rebranding several Yoga Teacher Training programs to better fit this wacky world we’ve all found ourselves in. Over the past few years, our lives have become much more centered on virtual connections – in the sense that we are growing communities and friendships, careers, and our own personal development… all online. This growth is anticipated to continue as we navigate the challenges of viruses, weather, and just busier and more cautious lives than ever. What does this mean for “Yoga World?” Well… nobody can really say for sure. What we can say is that whatever was working for yoga teachers and students in the 80s and 90s is definitely more difficult now, and that doesn’t seem like a pattern that’s going to change itself.

As Savasanation Yoga Academy moves our yoga teacher training programs into more accessible formats – whether fully Livestream and/or Local Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Modules, we hope that you continue to follow our progress and offer your feedback. After all, the development of a yoga practice is a conversation between student and teacher – and every teacher out there needs to have that understanding of what students are asking for.

We are a small, but highly dedicated team of individuals who are lifelong yoga learners. We became yoga teachers because of the honor it is to pass along traditional and modern yoga wisdom to others. We’re not here for the pretty photos and pretzel postures… we’re here because the holistic system of yoga has changed our lives in major ways, and we want to hold space for those who want the same for themselves… and for others.

Yoga isn’t postures (that’s just the beginning). Yoga is connection: mind and body… spirit and reality… you and me.

chelsea snyder drumming savasanation yoga teacher

My name is Chelsea, and I’m the Director of Savasanation Yoga Academy. I’m also the lead trainer for all of the programs at this time. I’ve graduated a few dozen yoga teachers these past years, offering as much support and challenge as I can. Also, I’m pretty good at sharing memes. I began a regular, almost daily yoga practice in 2007, and haven’t really stopped since (barring a few hiccups here and there). I’ve been teaching yoga since 2016 and I’ve been training yoga teachers since 2019. Despite all of those years, I am constantly shocked at how much more there is to learn… and I absolutely LOVE it.

My love for practicing yoga comes from a place of energy healing, creating positive changes through breath, movement, and a little bit of “woowoo.”

My love for teaching yoga comes from the understanding that it is TERRIFYING to be a yoga student, and whatever I can do to make that experience better helps to create a better yoga practice for everyone.

My love for teaching yoga teachers comes from the determination to not let this beautiful system of ethics, morals, health, and wellness become “just a fitness class.” As terrifying as it is to step into a yoga classroom as a student, imagine stepping into that classroom as a teacher charged with keeping people physically and emotionally safe while standing in front of centuries of ancient, esoteric wisdom.

I mean, it’s just yoga… right?

As my yoga teacher trainee, you will discover your own depth, nature, and presence in this wacky “yoga world.” As my yoga student, you will learn how to breathe, move, and be… perfectly as you are. As my friend, you’ll get a lot of weird memes and suggestions to take a class with me.

Things I like: Yoga… meditation… everything bagels. Music. Animals. Witchy stuff. Equality.

Things I don’t like: Hate… heights, and coconut.

Let me know what you think! You can email me at to ask questions, get info on trainings, or just send a funny meme my way.

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