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Level 2/300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Module 1: Meditation, Pranayama, & Ethics

meditation pranayama yoga ethics yamas niyamas social justice

Broaden your understanding of meditation and pranayama practices.  Create brave spaces in your community through the wisdom of Yoga Philosophy and an exploration of modern yoga practices through a social justice lens.

This Level 2/300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Module is designed to introduce and explore ways to create non-physical, daily yoga practices in our lives. Through Ashtanga Yoga, we begin to detach the modern, fitness culture emphasis of yoga postures from the broader lessons of yoga philosophy and history. These foundations help us to create yoga experiences that benefit all types of yoga clients and students while cultivating our self-awareness and understanding of yoga practices off the mat.

Creating safe spaces in a yoga classroom or other yoga environments is essential to students’ mental and physical health and safety. Safe spaces are constructed through the essential elements of yoga practice rather than complicated postures and sweaty studios. For those who cannot practice physical asana, pranayama (intentional breathwork), and quiet reflection/meditation can be just enough “yoga,” to achieve goals or overall wellness. Those accessible yoga practices can also help ease students into a more profound physical practice.

Through yoga ethics and philosophy, breathwork, and reflection, we can bring feelings of acceptance into our yoga spaces and practices. Join us for these vital aspects of teaching yoga in all communities.

20 Hour Module + additional contact hours with lead trainers upon completion of the curriculum.

Livestream Schedule
Nov 18: 6-8PM CST 
Nov 19: 7AM – 2PM CST
Nov 20: 7AM – 2PM CST

This module may be taken without enrolling in our Level 2/300-Hour YTT program. Click here for more information