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12 Weeks to Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Livestream Workshop Series

12 weeks to yoga teacher training summer 2022

What is the magic of yoga all about? How do yoga postures and sequences teach us to navigate life’s challenges and create change in ourselves and in our communities? Are you ready for Yoga Teacher Training?

Usually, a 60-minute yoga asana practice barely has time to get into the study of yoga beyond some postures and breath cues.

So, what’s a yogi-in-training to do?

If you’re looking for more than just a physical yoga practice,  you want to test out whether being a yoga teacher is your next step, OR you feel your own YTT program was lacking… 12 Weeks to YTT workshop series is your best place to begin.

Rather than jumping into a Yoga Teacher Training program that may be too much of a time, energy, or financial investment, allow yourself to linger in the basic lessons of breath, movement, and yoga philosophy.

12 Weeks to YTT is an exploration of yoga studies on and off the mat. We will delve into the theory and philosophy behind traditional yoga studies and how to apply those to our modern lives. This course is available to anyone, whether it is your first day of yoga or you’re looking for CEU credits to continue your yoga teaching practice. All classes are held in a Livestream classroom and will be recorded for playback.


Participants in this program may apply the cost to the $250 non-refundable deposit of any 2022 Savasanation Yoga Academy Yoga Teacher Training programs.

Want more information? Email for the course syllabus and financial assistance information.

Regular rate $250/12 weeks or drop-in for $25/session. Payment plans and financial assistance is available. Email to get on the list for upcoming sessions.

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