Yoga Workshop

Ashtanga Asana Workshop at Shine Yoga in Clarksville, AR

ashtanga yoga asana workshop savasanation clarksville ar

This Yoga Education Workshop is designed for all practitioners, from beginners to experienced, as well as teachers and instructors.

Learn about the traditional Ashtanga practice – from the basic philosophy to the asanas. Discover ways to move into and out of postures in ways that benefit your unique anatomy and goals. Find out the secrets of savasana and how to cultivate a regular yoga practice.

No prior yoga experience is needed. Bring your own blocks, straps, yoga mats, and any tools, toys, or technology you may need (don’t know what you need? send an email to!).

Saturday, March 12, 2022. 11AM-3PM CST. Livestream access is available upon request! $55/Person. Register at

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